Health Insurance Portability

Health Insurance Portability

Portability is the right given to the policy holder to move or transfer their existing health insurance policy from one company to another. The critical aspect in portability is to ensure the policy holder (insured) not lose the benefit accrued from his existing policy during the renewal to another insurance company. Portability will provide the choice to the policy holder to select the insurance company of his choice, simultaneously not losing out on the credits gained from his previous policies.

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What policies can be considered for portability?

Individual Health Insurance

All individual health insurance policies issued by General Insurers and stand-alone health Insurers including family floater policies.

Group Health Insurance

Individual members, including the family members covered under any group health insurance policy of a General Insurer or Stand-alone health Insurer shall have the right to migrate from such a group policy to an individual health insurance policy or a family floater policy with the same insurer.

Similar Health Insurance

Portability is allowed only for similar health insurance plans. A reimbursement type plan cannot be ported to a benefit type health insurance plan.

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