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Group Health Insurance

What are the factors organisations must be aware of while offering a group health policy to their employees?

What are the factors organizations must be aware of while offering a group health policy to their employees 1

The objective of an employer should always be to establish a healthy relationship with the employees. Buying a group health insurance is one of the ways to do it. If you head the HR department of a small business that has 7 to 450 employees, it should be a priority to choose a top-notch non-life insurance policy for the workers in your organization. 

Consider crucial factors while buying the policy

You need to take into account a few factors when you explore a wide range of group health policies. The rest of the blog discusses this matter. 

The expenses

As an employer, you have to mandatorily decide on the expenses of the policy. The consideration needs to be realistic, within the framework of the budget you have planned. You should have clear ideas about the costs of the policy needed to be paid periodically. There are some sub-points you should take into account:

  • How the costs can change when more employees are included within the policy net
  • In the long run, how the premium amounts can change
  • Hidden costs of the policy, if any 

Checking out the competition 

It is hugely important to check out the competition in the market. It means you need to see what similarly equipped firms in your domain offer to their employees. The information can significantly help you build effective HR policies for the organization. 

A priority is staying relevant in the market by providing appropriate facilities to the employees. Retaining employees is as important as attracting new talent. A good group health policy can be a tool that you can use. Hence, it is essential to thoroughly study the competition in the market. 

Gather feedback from the employees

Another point to keep in mind is you must gather feedback from your employees about the various aspects of the insurance policy. It is vital to know what the employees think about different features of the insurance policy. Accordingly, you can go ahead to buy and offer the group medical insurance plan. 

You can note relevant inputs from the employee to work out a clean strategy to buy the policy from a top-rated player in the market. It is also helpful to discuss the expectations of the employees in a small discussion session.  

Selecting a suitable broker

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you can afford, you can reach out to a professional health insurance broker like for advice on where to set limits. Feel free to get in touch with the representatives of the service provider. You can call the company or write an email, enumerating your queries. 

One of the most important factors to consider is selecting a top-rated broker of group medical insurance policies. The reputation of the insurer and the broker does matter a lot in this context. It is good to do a bit of research on the seller before you make a final decision to buy the insurance policy.

Reading the online reviews of the policy is a wise thing to do. Go for the more detailed reviews to get rich information. Moreover, it is intelligent to spend some time on the official website of the seller to know more about the policy

Understanding the offer

 It is highly recommended to properly understand every aspect of the offer before you buy the policy. An insurance policy usually has multiple clauses and numerous terms and conditions. Take your time to go through each point. The policy plan details are crucial. 

If you have any doubts, then do not hesitate to place your queries to the seller. Before you buy the policy, it is your right to know everything about it. You can mail the seller or even directly call a representative. A good seller will promptly address your questions.

The structure of payment

There can be two broad structures of payment when you buy a group medical insurance policy for your employees. One of the important HR strategies is having clear ideas about the payment structure the company needs to follow to benefit in the long run. 

The first payment structure is where the company pays in full to the policy seller. It is completely contributory. The employees do not have to pay anything to the seller. 

The second payment structure is where the company pays a partial premium amount to the seller. The rest of the amount is paid by the employees. It deals in partial contribution.

Knowing the benefits of the insurance policy

As an entrepreneur leading a small business or an HR Head handling employee issues, it is important knowing about the wide range of benefits the organization can get from the group medical insurance policy

The extent of coverage 

It is good to enquire about the extent of the coverage per employee. Enquire the details from the insurer. When you have clear knowledge about such things, it is easier to decide. Try to know as much as you can about the dynamics of the group medical insurance policy

What are the tax benefits?

You will be happy to know that a good non-life insurance policy is very effective in saving taxes for an organization, especially if it is a small business. It should be yet another priority to enquire about the specific tax benefits that your company can get by buying the insurance policy

The ailments and diseases covered

Again, it is useful to know about the list of ailments, illnesses, and diseases covered by the group medical insurance policy you plan to buy for the employees. The policy document of the insurance provider will have the details.

How it can protect the savings of employees?

Another thing to consider is the effectiveness of the policy in protecting the savings of the employees. It is about being empathetic towards the employees of your organization. When you have the relevant details, you can go ahead and consider buying the policy.

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