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SME insurance

How to find the Best Small Business Insurance?

Finding the best small business insurance requires a bit of research work. You need to check out a wide range of insurance policies available in the market. Also, it is important to select a reliable insurance provider. Buying a policy from a top-notch insurance broker is fine, too.

IRDAI certification

The first thing to check out is the validation of the policy you intend to buy. The insurance seller must have the relevant certification from the IRDAI. It is a trademark of authentication. Do not buy any insurance that does not have the certification from IRDAI.

Be certain about the welfare policies of your company

It is essential to be sure about the welfare policies you want to provide to your employees as an owner of a small business company. When you have clear objectives on this matter, it becomes easier to choose a suitable insurance policy.

Make a shortlist of top insurance companies

You can make a shortlist of insurance companies that are renowned to deliver a trusted insurance to small businesses. The list helps you to remain organized in your search. You can further dig the list to find an appropriate service provider.

Comparing different policies

An essential step to begin with is comparing the various features of different policies available in the market. There is no need to rush. Take your time to know details about the service features of the insurance policies. Compare them to make a final decision.

Check out the coverage

It is obvious to check out the coverage that the insurance policy provides. The document of the policy will mention it. Moreover, enquire it from the service provider. Your aim is to maximize the amount of the coverage offered by the policy, to secure a protective net. 

Deciding on the type of insurance 

You have to be clear on the type of insurance policy your small business requires. It can be a D & O policy. On the other hand, it can also be a group health insurance policy. So, it is better to be confident about the kind of insurance you need.

Check out the amount of premium

As a person responsible to buy or recommend the insurance, it is your duty to know the premium amount complying with the policy. The document will have the information. You also need to ask about it to the service provider.

A broker provides you more options

Keep in mind that when you try to avail the policy from an insurance broker, there is more flexibility. You can enjoy more choices that are standard and certified. It becomes simpler for you to quickly gather information and compare different policies.

Check out the frequency of premium 

You have to sure about the frequency at which you need to pay the premium amount to the insurer. In several cases, the insurer takes the amount annually. In some cases, the amount is paid six-monthly or even quarterly. Get more details from the insurer.

Go through the terms of the policy

It is hugely important to thoroughly read the various terms of the policy before you finally decide to buy it. Double-check the clauses and sub-clauses in its policy document. Do not miss any point. Seek help from experts, if possible.

Question the insurer

There can be some definitions and explanations in the policy document that are difficult to understand. Do not hesitate to ask the insurer relevant questions. Clearing your doubts should be a priority. If you have any confusion in understanding the applicability of the insurance, ask questions to the insurer.

Check out the network of hospitals

Never miss checking out the network of hospitals where the insurance policy is applicable. The document will have the hospital names. Check out whether the list contains names of popular and reputed hospitals or not. The list may also include names of some medical clinics.

Know about the current/previous clients

You have the right to know about the current/previous clients of the insurer. Query about the information. If you find that the names include renowned companies, including you competitors, in the small business sector, you can be more confident in buying the policy from the insurer. 

It is important to know the exclusions

One of the most essential things is checking out the exclusions. The details will be on the policy document. You should have clear ideas about the cases when the insurance is not applicable. It will provide an overview of the applicability of the policy.

There can be sub-limits

A sub-limit is a limit on the amount of money dispersed by the policy after which the insured has to take care of the costs. There can be such features in the policy. So, it is better to know about them before buying the insurance.

There are usually various categories of medical/legal expenses. Your priority should be to know about those by reading the insurance policy. The information will provide you a better picture of the applicability of the insurance policy. There will be no difficulty in buying the insurance. 

Check out the ‘add-ons’

There are many insurance policies that have the flexibility of including ‘add-ons’ when you pay an extra amount in premium. The ‘add-ons’ can make the policy more robust and expand its applicability. So, it is important to check out such provisions within the framework of the insurance policy

Consult with an expert insurance broker

You can discuss the issues of buying an insurance policy for your small business with a reputable insurance broker like PlanCover. It has several clients in the small business sector, located in different parts of India. You can directly call them or write an email, placing your queries. 

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