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How Much Does Small Business Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Small Business Insurance Cost

Small Business Insurance Cost

Company A is a law firm that stores all its clients’ information in an online database. The information includes, among others, some highly sensitive details, like clients’ credit card details, location history, financial transactions, and more. Now, if the database is breached and data leaked, this Company A stares at a very costly lawsuit. Their sensitive information is leaked; the clients will take legal actions and demand compensation.

Company B is a marketing consultancy that includes two experts who offer professional services to their clients. Their website asks for visitors’ names and email addresses so that the experts can reach out to them to extend their services. Now, if their database is breached and data leaked, this Company B stares at a lawsuit. Their clients’ names and email addresses are leaked; those clients will take legal actions and demand compensation.

Decoding the Examples

These two scenarios with Company A and Company B may seem similar, but there are some differences. In the former example, since sensitive information is leaked, the financial claims could be much, much higher as opposed to in the latter example where just the names and email addresses are leaked. In the second example, many clients may not even file a lawsuit. Moreover, a law firm in the example is bigger than the consultancy; so its liability could be much higher.

The point of these two separate examples is to underline how different business owners could have different business insurance needs. Yes, both Company A and Company B require cyber security insurance in the current scenario. But the scope of their coverage is different. One needs wider coverage since it has higher liability; the second can do well even with a relatively small coverage.

Similarly, talking about different types of policies, in addition to cyber security insurance, Company A may primarily require a Directors and Officers liability insurance, wherein Company B’s primary requirement could be professional indemnity insurance.

Answering How Much Business Insurance Costs

The objective of establishing the context with the two examples is simple: Different businesses have different business insurance needs and requirements. This means business insurance cost for them would vary as well. There’s no one definite number. Even when purchasing the same policy, the cost of it would vary for two different business insurance.

When planning to buy their first business insurance, many SMEs wonder about small business insurance plans and their costs. Unfortunately, there’s no objective answer to this without first evaluating their needs, financial capabilities, credit history, risk exposures, and several other factors. The best option here is to connect with an insurance broker – someone who specializes in business insurance policies – and get a free quote from them. Depending on your unique case, they can offer you custom and more accurate business insurance quotes.   

In case, if you’re not sure how to find a good insurance broker, we’ve got you covered. Check out How to Find the “Right” Online Insurance Broker? If you’re buying business insurance for the first time and need more information around the how’s and what’s, please read A Simple Guide to Buy Your First Business Insurance Policy. You can also instantly connect with our licensed insurance brokers here at PlanCover and get a free quote. Let us know what type of policy you’re looking for and we would tell you small business insurance cost; go here.

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