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Companies Should Incentivize And Promote Healthy Living For Their Employees – Yay Or Nay?

Employees are the most valued asset for any business, company or organization. Their effort brings the operational pace to the company. If there is a lack of energy in their working rate, the productivity level automatically decreases. As an HR executive, you are always on the lookout to make the workspace better and more productive for employees. But, do you know that promoting a healthy lifestyle can help make the workspace efficient? Hence, most MNCs and large-scale businesses focus on incentivizing healthy habits among their employees. 

Healthy workforce for better productivity 

The energy level increases when a person follows a healthy lifestyle and cuts off alcohol or tobacco from their daily lifestyle. However, quitting such addictions or shifting to a healthy diet is not easy. The person needs to stay motivated to avoid such bad habits and adjust to a healthy lifestyle. Incentivizing such changes in lifestyle choices as quitting alcohol, avoiding junk food, and many more can encourage them to adhere to the plan. 

It is beneficial for both employer and the employee. The employee can shift to a better lifestyle and practice healthy living. In contrast, the employer gains a better production pace with the employee working with a higher energy level. 

Beneficial for the organization in many ways

Besides productivity, health awareness and promoting health-related events have other benefits for the organization. Due to the pandemic, employees worked under the work from home vertical for almost two years. With things gradually improving, it is time to rejuvenate their spirits. Organizing fun sports events that promote healthy habits boost their morale. They feel the urge to get back to the office campus and reconnect with their colleagues. It helps keep them stress-free and acts as a warm-up session to restart the back-to-office working mode.  

From the employer’s perspective – All employers provide the group healthcare policy to their employees as a service benefit. But do you know that promoting a healthy lifestyle can help you manage the cost that you bear for continuing the policy on behalf of your employees? If an employee has any pre-existing disease or needs to get hospitalized frequently for an ailment, the annual premium increases. As the employer pays the amount, it can become a financial burden for the company. 

In such cases, if you take a wise step from the start, it can be fruitful for you in the long run. How? Encouraging employees to eat healthy by providing coupons for healthy meals and nutritionist appointments can prevent them from acquiring a health disorder. They would use the coupon you provided for eating out at healthy eateries or even take the gym membership for the company discount! All these may be minor steps, but the cumulative impact is significant. 

Events and programs to promote health awareness

How can you promote health events or encourage employees to start living healthy? What exactly is incentivizing healthy habits? It is similar to employee benefits, but the motive behind offering such benefits is different. The pivotal step is to analyze the usefulness and positive impact of the events you organize or the offers you provide. Here are some options you can try to bring awareness for healthy living in the workspace by introducing incentives that promote them – 

  • Sports events organized by the company on weekends – Cricket, Football, etc.
  • Discount vouchers for Gym membership, Pilates workshops, etc.
  • Incentives on quitting unhealthy habits like smoking, caffeine addiction, etc.

Positive impact on team building

Workspace anxiety and stress do not help in impacting productivity positively. Employees need to work in a team to ensure quality growth. A stressful working environment is detrimental for many employees in bonding well with the team. Sports events that promote healthy living encourage team bonding. By playing as a team, the employees get to improve their communication. Which in turn helps build professional rapport.

A journey towards a healthy lifestyle or to getting fit gets easier when you have someone who is holding you accountable. So, if the employees in an office take membership at the same gym or go for a nutritionist appointment, their bonding improves. They can motivate each other and impact the weight-loss journey. 

Improvement in the workforce energy

Competition among peers and employees has its proven advantages. It is when these competitive practices become the sole metric for checking performance that it is dangerous. If the team members only interact for work-related queries, their interaction remains transactional. Introducing fun events can eliminate the chances of workplace politics and professional rivalry. Promote a healthy lifestyle and competition in the office by taking impactful steps.

A break from the routine

Break the monotony of the workplace by encouraging events that urge the employees to step out. It will reduce absenteeism rate and inspire employees to rejoin the office after the pandemic break. How? As employees will have something exciting to look forward to. The desire to visit the office and stay fit by participating in fun events is an excellent incentive. Such fun events will break the routine and act as fuel for them. As most employees have become habituated to the WFH lifestyle, it will be difficult for them to restart the “old-normal” lifestyle. 

Insurance and health – Decode the link carefully.

Do you think offering the group healthcare Mediclaim is sufficient to ensure a healthy workforce in the office? A mediclaim can assist your employees get monetary support at the time of medical emergencies, but can it stop them? No. To reduce the chances of acquiring health disorders among your workforce, introduce an insurance policy that proactively takes care of their physical and mental health.

Besides organising events to promote a healthy lifestyle, look for a group Mediclaim that helps employees regulate their medical checkup schedule. New age insurance plans cover doctor consultations, mental health consultations, discounts on medications, vouchers for gym and yoga memberships. Do look out for these features as part of your plans.

PlanCover – Bringing solutions you require

We at PlanCover are licensed insurance brokers specialising in helping our clients get the best group healthcare plans that cover the requirements. Our benefits experts can help craft the best policy for your company that will cover the expenses of medical consultation, psychologist therapy sessions, nutritionist visits and much more. Reach out to PlanCover to get an exclusive risk assessment of your business and get the right insurance coverage that provides comprehensive cover for your employees. 

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