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What is Top Up policy?

QuestionsCategory: Group Health InsuranceWhat is Top Up policy?
default avatarPlan Cover Staff asked 2 years ago
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default avatarSrinivasan Mahadevan answered 2 years ago
Top Up Policy is a additional coverage on the basic health insurance plan if someone has a health insurance plan of 5 lakh then addition 5 lakh suminsured coverage can opt as an Top Up Policy.
Top up works if someone has exhasted his/her suminsured in a hospital expenses then top up policy covers rest of the amount in reimbursement claim. if someone increase their suminsured without paying higher premium then top up policy works Top up plan terms and condition works like a standard health insurance all policy terms and conditions work as per policy guideline.Top Up policy also has some differnt plan it can be a up to to basic sum insured or some imit can be fixed in top up policy after that limit top up works for a claim.
Top Up polcy coverages depends on deductible for using top up plan deductible limit has to be crossed which means if top up policy has limit for deductible of 3 lakh in that condition hospitalization bills should be more than 3 lakh then top up policy will work after 3 lakh settelment in the basic health insurance policy.