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Pre-disease covered under my policy

QuestionsCategory: Group Health InsurancePre-disease covered under my policy
default avatarPlan Cover Staff asked 2 years ago
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default avatarSrinivasan Mahadevan answered 2 years ago
Pre existing disease means a disease if a person suffer with a disease,injury,illness Any injury, illness or disease, for which treatment or medical advice has been sought prior to taking the policy these disease includes such illnes like Dibetes,Hypertenstion,Cancer,any accident,injury,heart disease,arthritis,or any medical condition where drugs advised by the doctor.
Pre-Existing Condition or related condition for which care, treatment or advice was recommended by or received from a Doctor or which was first manifested prior to the commencement date of the Insured Person’s first Health Insurance policy with the Insurer, it is a major exclusion in the health insurance policy as per standard health insurance policy it can not be covered untill the waiting period is complete in any retail health plan preexisting can not be covered untill waiting periods complete.
But in group health insurance policy pre existing can be covered by paying premium to waive off this clause from the insurance policy.