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Does a group health plan include dental and vision?

QuestionsCategory: Group Health InsuranceDoes a group health plan include dental and vision?
default avatarPlan Cover Staff asked 3 years ago
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default avatarSrinivasan Mahadevan answered 3 years ago
A group health insurance is a policy that protects you and your family members ( if covered under the group)  against the financial implications of a variety of health-related expenses. The policy will pay for the cost of treatment of any illness, accident or disease which requires hospitalisation for a minimum of 24 hrs. In general the policy pays for medical expenses for hospitalisation including surgeon fees, room charges and ICU, medicines, drugs and consumables.
Dental expenses are normally restricted to hospitalisation expenses arising due to any injury or an accident. Normal routine dental screening and treatment charges are not covered under the base health insurance plan. Same goes with vision benefits. 
However, with the advent of new innovations in product offerings, you can include dental and vision benefits under the OPD expenses (outpatient) cover by paying an additional premiums. Some policies provide dental screening, consultations, extractions, filling, and dental X-ray expenses as part of the OPD cover. However, cosmetic charges and braces will be not covered in the insurance plan. 
Vision screening including regular eye checkup, vision tests, consultation and cost of spectacle lens subject to doctors prescription can also be covered at an additional cost.