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Group Health Insurance

A guide to Group Insurance Scheme Exemption under Income Tax

A guide to Group Insurance Scheme Exemption under Income

Well, a group medical health insurance policy can be beneficial in terms of giving some advantages in filing taxes. If you are an HR or accounts executive of a small business, you need to take into consideration the various terms and conditions of a non-life insurance policy from a top-rated service provider.

What are Taxable Benefits for Employers?

The employer can avail a certain set of tax benefits when it includes its employees under the scheme of a group medical insurance policy. As the owner of a small business or someone handling the HR, you need to go through the details of the policy document.

What are Taxable Benefits for Employees?

In some cases, the group medical insurance policy also provides tax benefits to the employees. It is essential to check out the guidelines of the insurance document. As a person handling the matter, you need to enquire more information from the service provider.

More tax benefits mean better revenue margins

There is no doubt that when you, as a small business, receive more tax benefits from the group medical insurance policy, the revenue margins of your company improve significantly. It accelerates the growth of your business to a good extent. 

Providing an Employee Benefits helps

As an employer of a small company, you need to understand in-depth the concept of an employee benefit. Including your employees under the terms and conditions of a group, medical insurance policy means providing employee benefits. It gives you additional credibility to avail of the applicable tax benefits.

Payments Made on Behalf of the Employee

You need to bear the expenses of the insurance premiums on behalf of your employees. So, your employees do not have to worry about the costs. When you pay the premiums as an employer, you become eligible for the tax benefits. 

Impact of Covid on Group Health Insurance

Post-lockdown, it is a rule to provide a group medical insurance policy to the employees. Also, it means that the company becomes eligible to avail some additional tax benefits by taking such a step. It is beneficial for the growth of the company in the long run.

Insurance Premiums are Business Expenses

According to the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, the expenses that a company shows in its profit & loss account, are eligible for certain tax benefits. The costs are included in the ‘employer entitlement’ category, as stated by the ‘Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999’.

Tax benefits for the contributed portion

There are insurance policies in which both the employee and employer pay the premiums. In such cases, the employer gets the tax benefits for the amount contributed in paying the premiums of the policy.

Who can avail the tax benefits?

As the HR head of a small company or an accounts executive in a start-up, it is your responsibility to know about the type of company that can avail the tax benefits from a group medical insurance policy. When you have clear ideas, you can recommend the management to buy the policy.

Tax Benefits of Sole Proprietorship in India

The companies that have sole proprietorships are eligible for getting the tax benefits from the insurance policy. Sole proprietorship means the company has a single owner. As the owner of the business, he gets the relevant benefits whiling filing the taxes. 

Tax Benefits for Partnership Firms

There are many small partnership firms in the industry. The guidelines in the insurance policy document also indicate provisions that cater to such firms. These companies are eligible for tax benefits, too. The firms have to register the names of their employees in the group medical insurance policy transparently. 

Tax Benefits for Private Companies

There are numerous private companies in a wide range of business domains. The clauses of tax benefits are applicable for such companies, too. If you are in charge of HR, you need to go through the details of the policy document and know how it can help in getting your company to avail of the tax benefits.

Tax Benefits for Public Companies

In India, there are many small public companies, too. The good thing about a top-rated group medical insurance policy is it has the facility to provide tax benefits to such companies. As an executive responsible for managing such issues, you can read the policy document. 

Tax Benefits for Startup Companies in India

In recent years, the number of start-up businesses has increased incredibly in India. The amazing thing about a reliable group medical insurance policy is it includes the provision to benefit the start-up companies, too, in terms of filing taxes with the government.

What are the tax benefits for MSME?

The full form of MSMEs is Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. As an owner of such an enterprise, you will be more than happy to know that a good group medical insurance policy also helps the MSMEs to avail a wide range of tax benefits within a regulatory framework.

Tax benefits from value-added insurance plans

There are group medical insurance policies that have the provision to include value-added features. The employer needs to pay an additional amount to provide the facility to its employees. In such cases, the additional contribution to the premiums is eligible to get the required tax benefits. 

It is important to know the contributory structure

As an employer, you should know about the contributory structure of the group medical insurance policy that you plan to purchase. Talk to the service provider to gather as many details as possible before you decide to purchase the policy for your employees.

Get in touch with a trusted service provider

Make it a priority to call or mail a reliable service provider such as PlanCover. The company has the expertise of selling highly beneficial group medical insurance policies to several Indian companies. You can discuss various relevant issues with the service provider before making a final decision.

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